Chairman's Message (2021)

On behalf of the 2021 committee, I would like to welcome you to the Doodlebug website and extend an invitation to join us for the 68th Running of the Doodlebug Golf Tournament.

I truly hope you and your family remained safe and healthy throughout the last 15 months. Cancelling the event in 2020 was a very tough decision, however it was the right one.

It’s wonderful getting back into the groove of normalcy! For most this means choking day two when ceramics are up for grabs and for others its laughter and Advil when playing in the Chucks. It is with great pleasure we announce this year’s tournament will be in Kananaskis, August the 27th and 28th. Your opportunity to get beat up by two beautiful 18’s (Mount Kidd Friday and Mount Lorette on Saturday) and soaking away the pain with your fellow doodle buggers at the Pomeroy will be a welcome sight for all I am sure.

I would encourage everyone to register early as this may be the only social event of the summer through the CSEG and we have limited participants to 64 (guests not included). There is no reason for you not to be registered!

There will be a breakfast and welcome to all participants Friday morning at Kananaskis Golf Club, followed by tee-times at 9am (up to 11am) on Mt Kidd course for the match play within your flight. This will be followed by a very nice dinner and drinks after the round at the Pomeroy where every guest will be staying and promptly passing out, I am sure.

Saturday will include tee times starting at 9am (up to 11am) on Mount Lorette for all flights and chucks. Golfers will have the unique opportunity to play both courses over the weekend, mostly for Darren Tallas and Danny Sutherland who always seem to explode on the back nine of Kidd, we did this purely for you two. Guests will be treated to a rare Sommelier led wine tasting event mid-day and will meet back at the course for post round awards and celebrations. After all this, individuals are more than welcome to stay around or head back to Calgary. For those staying two nights there will be a casual get together post awards at the Pomeroy.

I would try to end this message with something succinct and witty however, our previous chairman, Geoff Castle, had a sentence ending his message which could not be more relevant for this year. So, like any good geophysicist I will copy his workflow on this one.

”I look forward to seeing old faces and to meeting new ones.”

Kind regards,
Alex Daum